Work-package number 3
Work-package title System assembly and operation tests
Participant number 1 2 3 4
Participant short name Ito Ltd DPE -TU IO-HCMR
New salary personnel
Individual contracts


Objectives:The main objective of this work-package concerns the assembly of the new system by the individual components selected after the completion of the objectives of the work-package 2. Also, the watertight enclosure will be constructed and the system operation in whole will be tested in air as well as under pressure for aquatic operation.


Tasks:T3.1. Development of mechanical and electronic modules

According to the study for the individual modules of the system the selected detector materials and the corresponding electronics will be ordered by Ito Ltd. Special electronic circuits will be constructed in the laboratory of the enterprise. The system watertight enclosure will also be designed and constructed according to the specifications for underwater operation. Its material, geometry, dimensions and thickness will be provided by the simulation studies of the work-package 2.

T3.2. System assembly

Once the assembly of electronic modules will be accomplished their integration with the detection module will follow. Laboratory exercises will follow for operational tests of the individual modules, the proper signal processing and buffering. Special attention will be paid in the effective encounter of instability problems as result of electronics performance variations and environmental changes. The completion of this task will ensure stable and coherent operation of the system modules.

T3.3. Tests for system operation and power consumption

The system in whole will be tested in air with and without the watertight enclosure. For this purposes reference radioactive sources will be used. These tests will provide the first experimentally obtained specifications in the air of the electronics yield (power consumption and stability) and detection performance (energy resolution, efficiency and minimum detectable activity). Also, the attenuation of gamma-rays passing through the watertight enclosure material will be experimentally measured for validation purposes of the simulation studies.

T3.4. Pressure test for aquatic operation

A pressure tank will be constructed in the facilities of HCMR exploited the expertise of its personnel. This tank will be utilized to test the tolerance of the watertight enclosure under pressure. As the system is expected to operate in swallow-intermediate waters for long continuous periods, all necessary measures will be undertaken to ensure the protection of the system during extended periods under intermediate pressures. Maintenance instructions and know-how will be transferred to the project partners from the technicians of the Hellenic Centre for future applications and tests.