The first Work Package is dedicated to the management and coordination of the project and runs through the whole duration of the project. The last one, running through the second half of the project duration, is of particular importance as it will essentially introduce the system to the end users and prepare its actual exploitation (Industrial Research). The other three Works Packages constitute the core of the research and technological activities, which can clearly characterized with respect to the activity type. The industrial research in WP3 exploits the results of the basic research in WP2, while basic research in WP4 will provide to the system under development the necessary methodology for the formulation of an innovative ensemble (system and measurement methodology) further capable of commercial exploitation.

b. Project time table (Gannt chart)

The project duration is 36 months. The project timeplan and duration of individual Work Packages is summarized in the Gannt chart uploaded in the electronic submission platform.

c. Description of work-packages

Work-package number 1
Work-package title Project Management
Participant number 1 2 3 4
Participant short name Ito Ltd DPE -TU IO-HCMR DP – NTUA
New salary personnel
Individual contracts
Objectives:The management of the project defines a unique work package and will include all management andadministrative tasks that should be organized centrally.
Tasks:T1.1. Personal contact with the various partners with reference to administrative and technical issues

T1.2. Representation of the consortium to national authorities, in order to secure continuous flow of information and avoid communication shortcomings.

T1.3. Exchange of information and data among the partners.

T1.4. Organization of meetings and workshops.

T1.5. Submission of periodic and final reports.

T1.6. Knowledge management, dissemination efforts and training.

Co-ordination of all the activities within the work packages.

Organization of all the necessary workshops and meetings. Co-ordination of the system

exploitation and results dissemination activities. Preparation of all the necessary documents.

Communication with the European Commission. Development of a Web Site for the project.

A special work package (WP1) has been established in order to specify the main tasks of the coordination, which will be to ensure that all partners are actively involved on the project, to facilitate communication between them and to ensure that each phase of the project follows the schedule agreed by the consortium. Also, it will monitor the progress against time and budget allocations and ensure that the project fulfils the objectives, milestones and deliverables.

Ito Ltd will be responsible for personal contacts with the partners with reference to administrative and technical issues, all dissemination activities and efforts, representation of the consortium to the GSRT, timely accomplishment of the deliverables related with industrial research and exchange of information and data among the partners.As concerns the latter important task, a two-level procedure is foreseen to secure proper flow of information and data exchange between the partners. At first, the coordinator will contact regularly the Chinese partner and organize meetings (administrative and scientific sessions) at given time intervals, where all partners meet, present and discuss their activities and technical reports. Recommendations for the remainder of the project, as well as the preparation of the annual reports will be the outputs of these meetings. Secondly, local meetings of the Greek groups, needed to coordinate certain aspects of the work implementation, will be arranged. The Scientific Supervisor will be responsible for all scientific-related issues, timely accomplishment of deliverables related with basic research and regulation of the authorship for joint publications. The already established harmonic collaboration between the Project coordinator and Scientific Supervisor is a guarantee for the unobstructed implementation of the project.