Senior Researcher, Nuclear Physics- Marine Radioactivity and Engineering

Dr. Christos Tsabaris is a Senior Researcher of the Institute of Oceanography at HCMR. He assumed his duties in April 2001.

Dr. Tsabaris earned his doctoral degree in Nuclear Physics from the Physics Department of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, in collaboration with the Institute for Reference Material and Measurements (IRMM-JRC), Belgium, working in the group of Professor Rosa Vlastou (NTUA) and in the group of Professor Eric Wattecamps (IRMM-JRC). His thesis work focused on the study of (n, α) and (n, p) reactions on the isotopes of 27Al, 58Ni and 63Cu. During his doctoral studies he also worked with the group of Dr. C.A. Kalfas (Laboratory of gamma-spectroscopy) in the Institute of Nuclear Physics of NCSR “Demokritos”.

A highlight in Dr. Tsabaris’ research career in HCMR was the development of ΚΑΤΕRΙΝΑ, an Autonomous Underwater In-situ Radioactivity Sensor (the acronym comes from the Greek words which stand for “Innovative Sensor for Artificial and Natural Radioactivity”), which was patented in May 2008 (patent number: OBI 20070100282/1006066, International Sorting: G01Τ 7/00). KATERINA is an autonomous underwater sensor for gamma-ray spectrometry measuring artificial (like iodine and caesium) and natural (like radon and thoron) radioactivity. Dr. Tsabaris has also set-up a marine radioactivity lab at HCMR which got an operational license from the Greek Atomic Energy Commission as a research laboratory for gamma-ray spectrometry (2008) and became a member of the “XENOKRATIS” Network of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission and of NILNET (Nuclear Instrumentation Laboratory NETwork, IAEA) in 2010.

Dr. Tsabaris has over fifty (60) publications in international journals and conferences, thirty (40) of which peer-reviewed. Twenty-five (25) publications are dedicated to in-situ gamma-ray spectroscopy and radioactivity measurements in the marine environment, eighteen (18) of which peer-reviewed. The number of citations is over 210. He has participated in 21 projects (6 national and 15 international) either as HCMR coordinator or principal investigator and he has presented works in 29 international conferences, workshops and meetings. He has been several times an invited speaker in technical meetings of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as well as universities and national authorities, a reviewer in the international journals, and an evaluator of proposals. In December 2010, he was certified and awarded as valuable reviewer of scientific journal of Elsevier.