The expected results of the project will expand the existing market for marine sensor by including the new system for radioactivity monitoring purposes. The project coordinator has already an existing market for selling marine sensors in Greece for water quality applications. In the frame of the project the Greek enterprise aims to create an effective communication channel with a Chinese enterprise for expanding the market in China as well as for further industrialization of the new detection system. It is also under negotiations with a Chinese enterprise for being the exclusive representative for the KATERINA sensor.

However, in the frame of the project data will be presented, appropriate advertisement of the instruments will be performed, the innovation character will be strengthen by applying a patent and intensive training of the young researchers participating in the project (the post-doctoral and the Master / PhD-candidate students) will be performed in collaboration with the Chinese University.

Promote knowledge and excellence in research organizations and its exploitation for the benefit of the participants or/and the economy and society in general.