Dr. Aristides Prospathopoulos is a Research Assistant of the Institute of Oceanography at HCMR. He assumed his duties in April 2001. He is a Mechanical Engineer and he earned his doctoral degree in Underwater Acoustics from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. His thesis work focused on three-dimensional acoustic scattering from axisymmetric obstacles in ocean waveguides. During his doctoral training and his research service in HCMR, he has dealt with problems involving wave modeling and software development for special applications, modeling for acoustic propagation and scattering in ocean waveguides, numerical wave models for open sea and coastal areas, sediment transport in coastal zone, statistical analysis of wave data and algorithms for analysis of radioactivity spectra in the marine environment.

Dr. Prospathopoulos has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in international journals and conferences with more than 140 citations. He has participated in numerous national and international projects and has presented works in many international conferences / symposia. He has been twice an invited speaker, a member of the organizing committee of an ESF MedCLIVAR Workshop and Summer School and a reviewer in The Open Ocean Engineering Journal, the ISOPE International Offshore (Ocean) and Polar Engineering Conference and the ASME International Conference on Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering.