Associate Professor Michel Kokkoris received the Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Athens (1991) and the PhD in Nuclear Physics from the National Technical University of Athens (1998). He is currently an Associate Professor and Director in the Physics Department of National Technical University of Athens. He has participated in several European projects and currently is a consultant in International Atomic Energy Agency. His research activities are focused on Nuclear Astrophysics, Neutron Physics, Nuclear Reactions and Applications of Nuclear Physics (nuclear spectroscopy). He has been a committee member for 8 PhD theses, and has supervised 12 MSc and 25 Diploma theses. He has been a co-organizer of the ECAART-10 Conference and a member of the Organizing Committees of several Greek and International Conferences and Workshops. His record includes over 135 publications in scientific journals and over 40 papers in conference proceedings.